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Sunday, February 14, 2016

January 2016

It appears I neglected to publish a January blog.  Rather than try to catch up, I'll do some brief summaries.
After returning from Brazil, it took my awhile to edit the videos, but here they are.

Hang Gliding
Brazil wildlife

We had enough snow one day for me to take Miss Kitty cross-country skiing.  It was a lovely time.  I have video from that that I have yet to edit.

Although Canton Eagle Day was kind of a bust (not many people or eagles showed up), I have hit a couple of days that were cold enough to bring in eagles for photography.  The bonus came on a day when I saw few eagles, but spotted a coyote on the edge of the woods next to the levee.  It was distant, but the lighting was good.  At first it was hiding behind a stick, but as it stretched and moved, it got out into the open for some clean views.

I went ice fishing for the first time in years.  I went out to Lowell's.  The ice wasn't very thick, so I stayed close to the floating dock.  The action wasn't fast, but I ended up with about 8 nice bluegills.

The spring semester began immediately upon my return, and it has been fun so far.  We tapped our maple trees on campus and got a good flow for awhile.  A cod snap shut it down, but it will come back, and we'll soon have syrup.

Below should appear a slide show of some of the highlights.

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